One of the most classical dilemmas developers face when they need to store media files is which solution is best suited for their needs. While it is certainly possible to use a database for this matter, it is however unwise because database transactions are expensive. There is also the fact that we don’t want our database to become bloated especially with the amount of data that needs to be processed in order to do store them.

I hear you, “then what should I do?” you say. It’s very easy, file systems. We will go more in-depth into why this is…

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If life has taught me anything, it would definitely be that the cost of ephemerality is a toll that we paid for in exchange for our humanity. There was not a single philosopher who didn’t introspect on the absolutes of existence. Life and death occur in each of their discourses, almost as if they were emanating from the same origin. A desire to decipher these two behemoths that rival the clusters in the sky in their weight. This is a mistake. Rinsing these concepts in ambiguity and channeling your spirit with a drive to unravel a so-called truth is a…

The Go programming language is a breath of fresh air. The things it brings to the table will amaze any developer who spent a good amount of time in C. While it is certainly not as fast (we will leave that task for Rust), it can do wonders in almost every other regard. Its concurrency paradigms are intuitive and very powerful, and the way it handles structs with receivers and mutations add a level of abstraction unprecedented in many other procedural languages, and the list goes on and on.

I just recently started learning this wonderful language and I wanted…

You heard it a thousand times. You must get Linux to be a “real” programmer. If we ignore the gatekeeping for a second, this is also a harsh statement toward the Windows OS. After all, Microsoft Windows is not just dominating the desktop ecosystem with ~78% market share for nothing. It must have its merits too.

But guess what? That doesn’t even matter because Windows has had the Linux kernel built-in for a while now. This means that it can exploit all of Linux’s functionalities without using any external software.

You may be saying now that, “so what? I already…

Unlike what most people think, creating and developing projects doesn’t require a hefty toolset to get done. Many developers use the same old standard applications and stick to the same methodology of conceiving products and thus ignore a colossal number of libraries, websites, and applications that make your life so much easier.

In this article, we will explore some of these options and display each of their merits and the many ways they can assist your software development journey.

Ngrok: create public URLs for your locally developed applications

Throughout your software engineering journey, one of the most recurrent terms you’ll encounter are front-end and back-end development. The reason behind it is the fact that the world we live in has become insanely reliant on the web and the recent pandemic has only exacerbated it. Think about it, all the services you use on a daily basis ranging from social media to online shopping are accessible directly from a browser. Since the building blocks of a decent website are both front-end and back-end, we can see now the criticality of both of these concepts.

Front-end: what the eyes can see

Before we dive into it…

It’s easy to forget that we type almost every day. It became something intrinsic to the very nature of man. Almost the same as scribing with a pen, but entirely different in ways that only the ones who put some thought into it realize.

Writing has its charms, but so does typing. First of all, the continuous tics of the keys that dance with each other launches a satisfying sensation of someone who writes the whole day. It signals concentration and action, like lunging from the tip of a mountain. Once you conceptualize your ideas, the keyboard becomes an instrument…

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